Who googles the google?

Earlier this week I read this article about a man who lost fourteen years of his blog, and an unfinished novel, after Google unceremoniously cancelled his account. My first reaction was scorn for someone who would entrust such important and personal works to the whims of a megacorporation who would, at the very least, would probably sit at the same table as evil these days. Once I got over myself, my more considered reaction was to remember that I do almost all of my writing using Google Docs and that I really didn’t fancy the idea of even a remote chance of having all that going up in a puff of ones and zeroes.

So read on to find out what I did about it.

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the Trump card

Here’s a thing I wrote for Facebook, and forgot to post, because that’s exactly the sort of diligent political commentator that I am. Once I’d finished it, it seemed a bit too meaty for FB so I decided to make it a rare non-writing related post right here …. it’s about Donald Trump, and a what an enormous fustercluck this whole business is …

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