Writing update: January 2015

Now that I’ve settled (more or less) into my morning shift routine, I’ll be using these monthly update slots to provide a general update on my writing activities. While most of my writing happens in the mornings, this will allow me to legitimately include updates on my blog posts, which normally happen in lunchtimes or evenings.

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The Girl With All The Gifts

The Girl With All The Gifts book cover

One of the things I’ve been meaning to do with this blog is write more reviews. I’ve read a handful of great books over the last few years, all of which deserved to have some written in their praise, but I typically ended up leaving it too late; to the point where all I could really recall was “Oh, I really liked that book!” In an effort to avoid making that same mistake this year, here’s a few words about a book I finished the other day.

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The problem with words …

The problem with Words is that Other People read them.

And Other People won’t always know what you meant when you used those Words.

So they’ll attach their Own Meanings to those Words.

Which is Fine.

Most of the time …

Except that Some Of The Time you end up spending So Much Time talking about whether you were Right to use those Words or Not that you Forget about Whatever it was that those Words were supposed to Mean in the first place.


This wordvomit was mostly inspired by this tweet and the discussion that came before, during and after it.


My (new) writing workflow

One of my unplanned goals for last year was to sort out my writing habit: to get the point where I was writing regularly and, most importantly, making time to do that writing. Going into this year I made the very conscious decision to develop a structured workflow and apply that to my writing projects.

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