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Writing update: February 2015

February was some distance from being my most productive month (that’s shorthand for: it was fairly rubbish). I did however, make a start on a significant project.

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Writing update: January 2015

Now that I’ve settled (more or less) into my morning shift routine, I’ll be using these monthly update slots to provide a general update on my writing activities. While most of my writing happens in the mornings, this will allow me to legitimately include updates on my blog posts, which normally happen in lunchtimes or evenings.

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The Plan: The Sequel

Do you remember “The Plan”? Where I said I had a plan for getting the first draft of my short story finished and laid out my ‘plan’ in a blog post. Well, it worked … sort of …

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The Plan

It’s time to make (another) stand against inertia and try and make some concrete progress towards getting something substantial published. Now, stay right there while I make another cuppa, grab a biscuit, catch up on the latest telly, read the news …

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