Welcome to my new site, justincawthorne.com (in case you didn’t know where you were). This site has been well over six months in the making: those six months comprising of one month of pondering; four months of procrastination (and having a baby); one week of idle scribbling; then, finally, two weeks or so of excited website creation.

The final step was, basically, thieving a whole load of content from my other site edpriceishungry.com (why is Ed Price hungry? you’ll find out one day, or so I keep promising…). So, if you want to follow my writing, and my thoughts on writing, stick around here. If you want to witness my ramble, rant and rave about other things then bookmark edpriceishungry as well.

How will this site work?

For now I’m keeping it simple, so there will just be three sections:

Read: if you want read (see how I worked out what to call this section?) the stories I’ve written then take a gander through this section of the site.

Write: if you’re a fellow writer then you’ll find some articles about writing processes, exercises and challenges here. I hope to make this section as useful as possible to fellow writers which, in short, means I’ll probably be linking to lots and lots of stuff that other people write about writing.

Ramble: everything else will just get dumped here. This might be blogs about me writing my own stories (or excuses for why I haven’t written anything in the last x months). It might be reviews of other books. It might even be things that I haven’t thought of yet. Like cheese. I like cheese, so it follows that I would like writing about cheese.

Let’s see how that goes.

In the meantime, enjoy what you find here already and don’t forget to check out all my stories so far on Smashwords.