Today was a perfect example of how a #morningshift should NOT go.

My alarm goes off at 6. Since I’ve probably woken up at least once an hour during the night I switch the alarm off and go back to sleep. Stormy wakes up and asks if it’s time to get up yet. I explain to him that it’s too early. It works!

My backup alarm goes off at 6:30. I turn it off, thinking I’ll probably get up this time. I go back to sleep. 15 minutes later Stormy asks if it’s time to get up yet. I figure it probably is.

I settle Stormy in front of the TV (parenting, yay!) and feed the cats, slice my lemon, get the coffee ready, pour milk over my porridge oats. I realise if I get all this done quickly enough, particularly the cat wrangling, I could still get 20 minutes’ of writing in.

I get my iPad and Bluetooth keyboard and settle down. The keyboard has run out of power. I’ve used this keyboard every day for about the last year and this is the first time it’s run out of power. It’s ok, I have a spare keyboard.

I cannot find the spare keyboard. Instead I eye up my wife’s wireless Apple keyboard. I used to use one of those with my iPad, so it should work just fine, right? Wrong? I cannot get the bastard to pair for love nor money (I, of course, offer it neither of those things – it’s just an expression).

By this time Stormy is demanding his breakfast, so I call it a day. Tomorrow will be different.

Won’t it?