Day starts with the Kinderbeast awakening at 5:45am, both unusually and irritatingly early. I decide to stay up to get on with some writing and hammer out just over 1000 words on a nice little horror story I started a few days earlier.

Late morning and afternoon is occupied with a splendid breakfast provided by the in-laws, but the early start begins to take its toll. When we eventually return home, I bash out the 2017 Goals blog post I’d been pondering the day before. Naturally this effort is preceded by research into a new theme for the blog. I also write a quick post over on Blog Like A Mofo to announce the ‘yoyo blogging’ challenge that I’ve set myself for 2017.

The evening is spent watching The Witness For The Prosecution, which proves every bit worthy of the anticipation. In bed I read a bizarrely interesting article about foreign exchange negotiations post World War II.