First day back at work. In a bitterly ironic twist, the Kinderbeast does not wake me up early. Also I have neglected to set my alarm (denial, perhaps?). I wake up early enough, but still too late to do my morning shift, which is never a great start to the day. On the plus side I’m well-rested and at peace with my impending return to work.

By a little past 9am I’ve already cleared out my inbox and wondering why it’s not midday already. Coffee seems the only solution. An expedition to Grouch proves fruitless – despite Google proclaiming it to be open, and nothing contradictory appearing on the Grouch website, we drive up to find that the cafe is in fact closed until the 18th. Clutching delicious victory from the bitter ashes of defeat, Chrissie introduces me to the Little Olive Leaf Cafe as an alternative, which is lovely and well worth a return visit.

First day at work is otherwise ideal: relaxed, quiet and vaguely productive.

On the way home I see Beryl and Stormy (the Kinderbeast) walking back from the park. I stop to say hello, then drive on as they are only around the corner from the house. In the mirror I see Stormy start running to catch up with the car. I park and wait in the driveway. He’s still running as he turns the corner and doesn’t stop until he reaches me. It’s a good welcome home from my first day back.

Later in the evening I watch the director’s cut of Legend. I’m a big fan of Ridley Scott, but even I can’t figure out what happened with this one. I’m forced to conclude that the last 31 years of my life have been none the poorer for having missed Legend.