Monday. Shit …

The early morning chill and a fruitless search around the house leads me to conclude that I left my beloved GAP hoodie at Yahava yesterday. I remember taking it off and leaving it on the back of my chair, and have no memory of being in its company after that. This breaks the Order Of Things and, as such, is mildly depressing and equally mildly inconvenient. I consider contacting Yahava to see if the hoodie was found, and weigh up the inconvenience and benefit of returning to the Swan Valley next weekend to retrieve my hoodie. And also drink delicious coffee.

A few hours later I find my hoodie in the back of the car. I remember leaving Yahava with it wrapped around the back of my head to protect my tender skin from the brutal lunchtime sun.

Memory is a treacherous thing. We shouldn’t trust it. You definitely shouldn’t trust mine.

More Sherlock for our evening’s entertainment. I will happily keep watching until the Elderbeast grows bored or we run out of episodes. The latter is the far more likely outcome. Tonight’s episode is A Scandal In Belgravia. Laura Pulver’s performance as Irene Adler is so good you almost forget about Moriarty entirely.