I wake up a little after the alarm goes off, when the Kinderbeast comes in to demand his morning feed, but the extra 15 minutes’ sleep does me good. I wake up refreshed and hammer out around 800 words on my accursed first draft.

But it’s all an illusion. As soon as I get to work I can feel the sickness creeping back in. I eventually have to head home as my brain is working about as well as my body. It’s my least favourite kind of sickness, something akin to manflu–too lacking in energy to get anything useful done, but not nearly sick enough to justify collapsing into bed.

Also, there is an entirely unacceptable level of warmth in the air.

The evening’s entertainment, as always, is Sherlock. We’re back to Season 3 now: His Last Vow. There’s a lot of nods ahead to The Final Problem, so it’s timely that our diversion into Season 4 has led us back to this one. Perhaps the show’s biggest strength is its villains, and Charles Magnussen is as compellingly repulsive as they come: an unforgettable character and a performance so committed that you can’t even see the acting.