Overslept! Normally I’m up and about by 6:30. This morning I wake up and my phone’s telling me it’s already past 7am. I don’t even remember the alarm going off. It’s too late for a worthwhile morning shift (a.k.a writing) so I opt to make some tea and ease into the morning instead.

I get to work and am highly relieved to confirm that a mishap on my behalf the day before has not, after all, resulted in major chunks of my colleagues’ work being irretrievably deleted. And the less said about that …

Understandably, the rest of the day requires two coffees. It is one of those rare working days with not quite enough hours in it (as opposed to about three times too many), but I am still evidently battling the Office Plague (or suffering from Not Enough Sleep) so I head home when the appropriate hour comes.

Brief dilemma for the evening, now that we’ve exhausted the Sherlock vault, but it is quickly resolved when we remember we still have season 4 of Brooklyn 99 to watch.