Despite a late end to my Saturday (somehow I end up reading until past midnight) I’m still up at 6:30am. This is partly at the behest of the Kinderbeast, who demands feeding. Regardless, I’m as surprised as anyone to be up and writing.

I’ve had a few thoughts about how to frame the story I’m currently struggling through, and I put some of them into a rewritten first scene. It’s still far from what I’m hoping for, but it’s better.

I continue to be obsessed with Twitter. History is taking place this weekend, and it’s compelling being able to have a front row seat.

We have a slow morning, letting the various Kinderbesten play after their sleepover. I take the plunge and start reformatting my PC. The job mostly goes well, but some of my backups haven’t quite worked as planned. It’s ok, there’s nothing that can’t be restored, but it proves tiresome as the day goes on.

By the afternoon my early start, and the tedium of restoring my computer, is wearing me down. We eat some tagliatelle with pesto, make some banana bread, I drink as much wine as my relatively low tolerance for alcohol will accept. Then we watch some more Brooklyn 99 and the day is done.