Another Monday, another meeting in the city. The steaming heap of minor delays to my morning reaches a peak when I discover that the petrol station has run out of petrol (for the second time in a week). This is inconvenient as I need to drive into the city in a car that is hovering perilously over the empty line. In the end I’m half an hour early, instead of very nearly late–one of the benefits of paying minimal attention to your work calendar over the weekend.

While I’m happy not to have to drive into the city every day, I miss my London days when you could see the city starting to wake up as you walked to work. Cafe owners putting out chairs, people making their various ways to their various jobs; all the tiny things that keep the world turning.

It proves a relatively unsurprising Monday, insofar as many trivial things go wrong. I manage to reverse the car into a tree (causing very, very minor damage to the bumper). I endure a huge energy crash in the afternoon. I’m unable to get Plex to index all of my media properly! For unrelated reasons we can’t get the next few episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine to play at all. I admit defeat and we watch the ‘Bob’ episode of Blackadder II before despatching the Elderbeast, who is being particularly tiresome, to bed so we can get in another episode of Luke Cage.