I start the day with a mammoth 1775 word morning shift (words written, not edited). I think this first draft is finally coming together. My only other duty for the morning is making a potato salad: we have friends coming over for Zombicide, and it only seems polite to feed them. It takes about 17 hours to peel the potatoes, but it all ends up tasting pretty good.

I’m finding it hard to tear myself away from twitter. The world is a car crash and I can’t stop watching it. It seems wrong to be absorbing it all in 144 character bites, but the inescapable fact is that we’re caught in the middle of a historical moment–a terrible one that’s been founded entirely on ignorance–but being able to witness it in this way is addictive.

After murdering lots of zombies we retreat further from the real world with the remaining episodes (so far) of Brooklyn Nine-Nine season four.

Didn’t see that cliffhanger coming!!