I manage a huge editing session first thing. Nearly 3,000 words. This brings my short story almost to a publishable state.

Feeling the cabin fever from being shut in all day Saturday, and without even a storm to provide an excuse, I suggest that we head out for coffee. We know a place that does great coffee, and has plenty of space for the kids to run around. While there we are also secured by the Cheesus Crust toasted sandwiches. It’s only when Rach speaks the name out loud that I get  the pun, as I’m chewing down on my Dear Gouda.

We’re determined to do a few more family things with the day, so we set up a game of Pandemic Contagion when we get back–not too good for the Kinderbeast, but he plays a round of Story Cubes with us first and then occupies himself with his iPad. Then it’s time to make banana bread, and then it’s finally time to build the LEGO Yellow Submarine that we bought ourselves for Christmas, in the middle of which project we have a surprise visit from the in-laws, who bring lemon tart and therefore are allowed to stay.

I make an enormous cauliflower curry for dinner and we catch up with Luke Cage. I’ve got a new story buzzing around in my head, which needs a remote setting, so I go to bed to do some research on isolated Scottish hotels. This proves suitably inspiring.