It’s Fucken Monday!

The Elderbeast complains of stomach pains in a bid to be excused from school. This is less than ideal as both Rach and I have jobs to get to, and Rach has already left for hers … which is actually, mostly the same as mine–it’s complicated (except not really: we just work in the same office. Also, I’m technically her boss. Which where it gets complicated.)

I’m initially skeptical of the Elderbeast’s claims but for two things: firstly, I don’t want to get a call from the school in about two hours to come and pick him up, which is the usual progression of events in these situations; secondly, he’s being unusually compliant, and good behaviour is one of the typical symptoms of illness in the Elderbeast. In the end, I succeed in abandoning him at the in-laws’ house.

I get to work just in time to see another rejection arrive in my inbox. It’s for a story that I thought had a decent shot, but I guess this one didn’t hit. I still like the story, so I guess I’ll send it elsewhere when I drag myself off the floor.