Obviously the most exciting thing about today is the release of the new trailer for Alien: Covenant. I feel that the return of Ridley Scott to an honest-to-God Alien movie would be a lot more exciting if Prometheus had never happened, but the trailer gives me plenty to get excited about. I even have a nerd moment and screen-cap the final shot (the money shot of the xenomorph) so I can geek out over it for a bit.

Later in the evening, almost fittingly, we’re hit by a series of thunderstorms. The thunder is so loud I start to wonder if the roof can withstand the deep, seismic rumbles. I turn my lights out, ready for sleep, but then spend a few moments looking out of the window. I don’t see any actual lightning, but the sky is alive and flickering with light in a way that I’ve never seen before.

(Note to self: keep an eye out for martian war machines in the morning).