It’s Fucken Monday!

After almost a week of being pure demon spawn, the Elderbeast abruptly decides to adopt a new, much improved, work ethic to tackle his languishing handwriting and the potential impact to his PEAC work. There’s an outside possibility that the promise of a Nintendo Switch if he works hard might have been an influencing factor. There’s also an outside chance that we’re planning to buy a Nintendo Switch anyway, but we’re not above a bit of creative bribery here and there.

I spent the evening working with the Elderbeast on his PEAC homework (remember? write out ten facts about three great people). I get him to type it out first, and then handwrite it out. He chooses Tesla, King Richard 1 and Winston Churchill–and, whaddya know, I learn some interesting facts in the process myself. It takes the Elderbeast all evening, but he sticks with it. I’m hugely impressed by his efforts. In the end he has to retreat to bed, and promises to complete the last few bits of writing in the morning.

It’s an amazing turnaround. I go to bed exhausted, but bursting with pride.