I get up for my morning shift but find myself unnaturally tired. After a few moments of holding my head up above the keyboard, with my eyes closed, I admit defeat and retreat to the sofa for a 15 minute nap. This is unprecedented in the history of morning shifts. But the nap helps. Briefly.

There must be something in the air. The Elderbeast,  fully transformed from yesterday, is now a pure hell beast. He makes me fight for every step needed to get him ready for school. The morning uses every last bit of energy and patience I already don’t have. Finally, at the last moment, as we’re getting in the car, he declares “No!” and claims he’s not well enough to go to school. I grab his bag out of the car and leave him behind. It’s really not worth the chance of getting a call from the school an hour later asking for him to be picked up.

(It’s ok, by the way, I didn’t leave him at home on his own!)


I then have to take the Elderbeast to his skating lesson. Again, even up to the last minute, he claims that he doesn’t want to do it. Finally he gets out there. On the way home we have to do the week’s shopping. I’m too damn tired to cook anything, and too damn lazy to drive to get takeout so I end up getting frozen pizzas for dinner. The results are … underwhelming.

An entirely appropriate finale to the day.