Saturday is Designated Lie In day, which is good because I wake up with a headache. It could be the wine from the previous night, but I suspect a combination of tiredness, dehydration and, yes, wine.

But we have to get up because it’s election day! It’s the first election we’ve been able to participate in since emigrating to Australia, and our first opportunity to vote since becoming citizens. It’s over quickly, even though we went below the line, and it feels good. The only downer is that we’re there too early to get a democracy sausage. On the walk back we remark to each other how nice it is to go for a walk on a Saturday morning and agree that we should do it more often. I highly suspect we won’t.

It is also the first day of Rach’s Big Birthday Celebration, and she has chosen to go bowling. We arrive fashionably late and, in my still-headachy state, I’m somewhat dismayed to discover how INCREDIBLY NOISY the place is. It matters little: the bowling is fun and I’m not nearly as bad at it as I thought I was. Well, nearly as bad, but I at manage at least one strike.


We return home in time to enjoy the election coverage, and we definitely enjoy it: it’s a good result for once. Perhaps the tide is turning at last.

I decide to try out a new app I’ve read about on Book Riot. It’s called Serial Reader and it works by delivering a single chunk of your chosen novel (all public domain works) each day; no more, no less. Each chunk is designed to take between 10-20 minutes to read and to mimic the serialised fashion in which certain classic works of literature were delivered. To start myself off I eventually select Second Variety by Philip K. Dick. It’s only 9 instalments. Pretty sure even my attention span can manage that …