I wake up with another headache. This is frustrating as I did not have any wine last night, and I did have plenty of water. Predictably I elect to skip my morning shift. Once again, however, a proper lie-in is off the cards as Rach’s Big Birthday Celebration continues with breakfast with the family. We head to Gesha in Fremantle where the excellent food and coffee eventually lifts my headache. At one point the Kinderbeast catches his smoothie glass on the table and spills it all over himself, much to his distress. He spends the rest of the morning wrapped in his Nan’s pastel blue fleece cardigan, much to my amusement.

On the drive home we decide that a new plant will be the perfect birthday present for Rach, so we swing by a garden centre and pick an awesome $70 rubber plant. It’s a real plant, not made of rubber. The kinderbesten decide they want in on this game too and each pick a cactus.

We then head to the shops where more money is spent on more things. We wrap up the expedition with a visit to the supermarket, but it’s not our usual supermarket and it’s all wrong and busy and twice as exhausting. Plus it’s hammering down when we return to the car.

Back home I retreat instantly to bed for a desperately needed power nap. I am terrible at power-napping and mostly just lie in bed with my eyes closed, but it still helps to make me feel a tiny percentage more human.

For dinner, after a weekend dominated by junk food, we literally have steamed vegetables, and it’s great. Once the kinderbesten have retreated to sleep I finally have a chance to check out the animated version of Power Of The Daleks, which I’ve been waiting months to buy (I elected to wait for the blu-ray edition, which not only came out about two months after the DVD, but came out about three weeks later in Australia than the rest of the world. Damn you, Australia!). We only get two episodes in, but I’m loving every minute of it. I fully expect it to be weeks before I get around to watching the rest.


My (serial) reading for the night is the second instalment of Second Variety, which I’m really enjoying. I also read both instalments of Monkey’s Paw, which I’ve never read, but was crafty enough to queue up the night before so I get both instalments in one go. See, I’m already gaming this Serial Reader chump.