After a weekend of celebrating, today is officially Rach’s birthday. We enjoy cakes at work, and then I head off to collect the Elderbeast from his PEAC class. The day quickly descends into chaos when it takes me over 40 minutes to find a parking space on my return. I. Do. Not. Like. Parking. This. Proves. Very. Stressful. The rest of the day is swamped with meeting after meeting after meeting, but finally I’m able to head home.

We open presents (well, Rach opens presents and the rest of us watch). Highlight for me is the Barb (Stranger Things) Pop Vinyl. One day it shall be mine!!!

Much debate ensues as to what we have for birthday dinner. Macca’s is out as they no longer do any vegetarian burgers. Eventually we get Macca’s for half the family, and the rest of us order takeout from Grill’d. This teaches me that, following my passive dabbling in vegetarianism, I am no longer capable of managing a full burger for dinner. Life goes on.