Today I have to run a workshop. I say ‘have to’ but I totally volunteered for it. It’s all about using apps to help manage your workload, but there’s a fair few productivity techniques snuck in there too. I’ve run this about three times now: the first time I had about half a dozen attendees, the next about 16, most recently I had three.

Today I have 25 attendees.

I had carefully scheduled this to happened after the major release for the project I’m working on. This was set for Feb 28 originally, but has since move to March 17. Yes, the timing is appalling, but I have 25 people who are expecting to learn something today so cancelling was never an option. To makes things even easier, I’ve also completely restructured the workshop, following feedback from the last couple of sessions. One blessing is that I’m so preoccupied with the looming project release that I don’t even have time to be nervous about the workshop.

In the end it goes really well. I definitely wing it at various points, but there’s a buzz in the air that tells me people are switched on and engaging with the discussion. I even get a few nice comments afterwards. I haven’t even walked out of the door before the organisers are talking about the next session, and maybe a couple of additional workshops I could run.

It’s a good feeling. I’ve often thought that if I neeed to move into another line of work, I’d like it to be something in the area of training/coaching/teaching. Handy to know I don’t completely suck at it 😉