I am predictably tired for the Day After. Rach heads off to a pre-arranged games day, so it’s just me and the kids. Luckily they’re on pretty good form, and even if they weren’t I’d probably be too tired to notice anyway.

It’s Saturday Morning Film Club and I have the urge to watch Little Shop Of Horrors, which is a film the Elderbeast loves and I reckon the Kinderbeast will also enjoy. We have some lengthy discussion about whether to watch the director’s cut (in which pretty much everyone dies and the plants take over the world). the Elderbeast, bless his dark little rock of a heart, is partial to the director’s cut. However, only the theatrical cut has Mean Green Mother From Outer Space which is one of the musical highlights of the film (and, I recently learned, only added when the original ending testing badly and they needed a new song for the climax).

We opt for the director’s cut, but it all goes horribly wrong when the Kinderbeast realises that one of the leads is about to die. He hide his face in a pillow, distraught (the pillow may not have been very happy about it either), and I have no choice but to stop the film and switch to the much cuddlier theatrical version. Upon which the Elderbeast ups and storms out of the room.

This is fine.

Peace is eventually restored, but the Little shop Of Horrors remains closed for the rest of the day. After Rach returns home we settle down and check out The Nice Guys, which I’ve seen a bit of buzz about over on twitter. It’s awesome. We instantly both love it. It’s Tarantino meets the Coens. Except it’s not: it’s just Shane Black doing his excellent thing.

Afterwards I finish off Second Variety, the Philip K Dick novella I’ve been reading on Serial Reader. I really enjoyed it, and really enjoyed the experience of reading it in instalments. I immediately looking for my next reading adventure and choose Strange Case Of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (there is no ‘The’ in the title, strangely …