Rach is out shopping with her nan to prep for the trip to Melbourne next week. The Kinderbesten and I stick at home for Saturday Morning Film Club. The Elderbeast has the superb suggestion of watching The LEGO Movie, which I’m totally pumped for after watching the trailer last night. It’s far from the first time I’ve watched it since the cinema release, but it’s still brilliant.

I spend a brief period in the afternoon trying to clear out some space on my choked up iDevices. My iPad is particularly suffering, and I start to wonder why so few app developers include options for emptying the cache. my Netflix app, which I barely use on the iPad, has sucked up over 300mb. I can’t find any way to clear the cache so I just delete the app instead.

Later, for Saturday Evening Film Club, we almost watch Arrival but Rach is in the mood for a western (inspired by the inclusion of Unforgiven, Tombstone and True Grit on my trailer list). We settle on 3:10 To Yuma which proves a superb choice. The Elderbeast baffles us, though, by sitting with us for most of the film and then leaving just as the climactic shootout is getting underway.

Kids these days …