Kids have a bizarre desire to get to school early, which is a switch. I gladly indulge them and then head off to work. I cram as much catching up into my day as I can, then leave at 2:30 for the school run. The Elderbeast, once again, heads off to his friend’s house. The Kinderbeast and I to travel to Woodman Point for some Pokemon hunting–enough, in fact, to get me up to Level 11.

The Elderbeast’s attitude is, sadly, little better than last night, resulting in another thoroughly exhausting evening. There is, however, some light at the end of the tunnel: after all of it, he tells me that he’s sad at the way he’s behaved. I urge him to remember that next time, and tell him I’m pretty impressed by his self-awareness. There have been times when I worry that he just doesn’t care, but that’s clearly not the case. This admission gives us something to work with.

Finally, long after the kids have gone to bed, Rach returns from her trip to Melbourne.