I begin Wednesday with another lie in. I just keep hitting that snooze button. I’m not counting , but I’m sure it must be a new record. I finally get up and post my June 1 diary. It’s time to get back into the world, as it were. I’ve been feeling generally in balance for the last week or so, and it’s time to bring my small number of social media brethren into the loop and move forward with the New Normal.

The Elderbeast has somehow appeared in my bed overnight, but this hasn’t improved his mood any. He refuses to get up, refuses to get dressed, and is generally evil for the duration of the morning. My patience and/or stubbornness prevail and I eventually get him out of the door.

By comparison, the work day is relatively easygoing. I’m truly feeling like I’m back in the swing of it: I’m able to engage in my job again, instead of it just feeling like something I need to endure until it’s time to go home again and not have to pretend to be a Professional Human any more. It helps that I get many wonderful and lovely responses to my diary post. People are shocked and surprised by what has happened, but they’re full of support for me and the kids. It is, as always, the people around me who have helped me get through this whole thing.

And, because it seems like something I really should have done before now, I finally [Facebook] unfriend the person who is now living with my wife. It doesn’t feel like a victory as such, but it does feel a necessary part of the process of sorting through and tidying the remaining pieces of my life.