I wake up with a headache, which is a bit of a downer, but I definitely enjoyed the wine that caused it, so I have zero regrets. I’ve arranged to meet one of my Facebook friends for breakfast; our first in-person meeting, and I’m very excited–both for the rare chance to meet someone new, and to try out a new breakfast place. The morning doesn’t quite shift my headache, but it’s a splendid time nonetheless.

I make plans to head home straight afterwards, but a plan to buy some nurofen, and some better-tasting panadol than the clone stuff I have in the cupboard, somehow turns into a mini shopping spree. I walk into JB Hifi, and come out with $50 of blurays (seven films though!). I go into Target, remember that they have a new range of kids Doctor Who t-shirts, which I can fit into, and come out with a shiny new Dalek t-shirt. I browse posters for the kinderbesten, but don’t like the prices (so I order some online for them instead). And, of course, I also get my drugs.

I get home with grand plans to make a Heston Blumenthal roast chicken, and have been brining my chicken in preparation. I pop it in the oven, ready for three-plus hours of slow roasting … and then the power goes out. I quickly transfer it to the hob, sling in some stock and vegetables, and leave it on a low heat instead. Meanwhile I finally go and build the shelves that I actually went to IKEA for in the first place: GNEDBYs, half price in the sale, and ideal for my very slowly expanding collection of blu-rays. As I’m building, the power comes back on. I stick on Rogue One to watch as I work: I have just enough time for it before the kinderbesten return.

When I finally retrieve the chicken from the pot it is so tasty that I consider cooking it that way every time. I then use the leftovers to make some stock and set out to see how many meals I can get out of this one bird.

Sunday ends, as is the tradition, with Doctor Who in the company of my two wonderful kinderbesten.