Thursday. I manage to get up for writing once again. However, someone’s coming to reseal the shower at 7:30am, so my morning shift is a blend of writing, getting dressed, and trying to get the Elderbeast (who has somehow appeared in my bed during the night) awake and dressed. It’s also bloody cold.

The Elderbeast makes a token attempt to get out of going to PEAC. He had homework to do last night, which he resisted at first, but eventually got stuck into and did some pretty good work. I’m kinda surprised he’s not dying to go to his class and show it off. I think trying to get out of PEAC has just become part of the routine now. He’s happy enough to be going once we get in the car.

I’ve taken the morning off, because of the shower thing, so I head back home for a while. I finally get to talk to the tutor who’s running the mindfulness class that I’ve enrolled the Elderbeast in. We have a good chat, but in the middle of it the shower guy wraps up his work and needs payment, so I have to call her back. I then go and collect the Elderbeast from PEAC. The teacher tells me he worked very well today, which makes me very happy.

I get to work just after midday. I’ve grabbed myself a sandwich from Coles again, but I’m baffled by their pricing. I had my eye on an egg sandwich initially, priced at $6. But then I see that a chicken sandwich is cheaper at only $4. But I don’t fancy chicken. Furthermore, there’s an egg and bacon sandwich is also only $4. I really just wanted egg, but I’m not paying $2 more to NOT have bacon. It makes no sense! Anyway, I wolf the sandwich down and then have to go straight into running a workshop with my team. I’m still so hungry afterwards that I have to walk down to Aroma to get one of their awesome homemade sausage rolls.

Back home and I finally get to admire the beauty of my freshly resealed shower. It looks brand new. Only took me about five years to get around to having it done.