The week is ending with a bonus Free Dress Day at school for the kinderbesten (no, they don’t get a free dress; they just get to wear whatever they want for the day). The Kinderbeast has had his t-shirt chosen for days, but the Elderbeast is far more casual about this rare opportunity.

I get bonus Subway for lunch as we’re providing catering for a workshop. I volunteer to go and collect the feast, which means it also gets to go on my credit card until I claim the expenses back. And I still have a previous lunch that I have yet to claim for. Plus all the parking I haven’t yet claimed for. One day I’m going to be rich beyond my wildest dreams (or at least it’ll feel that way).

It’s another childfree weekend for me. I get home, say goodbye to the kids, then drop Beryl back home. Then I have to Hoover (sorry: vacuum), tidy up, shower, and make dinner before the wonderful Seb arrives. I manage to get it all done, but I’m at the table eating when he arrives. I’ve cobbled something together with leftover sausages, tomatoes and risotto rice … and it’s damn delicious. I eat all of it, even though there’s enough for three in the bowl.

I treat myself to one of the good bottles of wine from the rack,and then Seb and I spend some time dazzling ourselves (literally) with the selection of ludicrously overpowered LED lights I’ve picked up in the last few weeks. We then explore the collection of posters that has been sitting forgotten in the back of my wardrobe. I used to know someone who worked in a cinema, so I have some authentic cinema posters in the collection. The one I’m most excited about is an original Nightmare on Elm Street poster, which is absolutely beautiful. I’m also tremendously excited to discover I’ve own a full size poster for Some Like It Hot, which I had no idea was in there. Other highlights include Reservoir Dogs and a gorgeous poster for Ghost World, which I donate to a friend who loves the film far more than I do.

Then it’s time to settle down for our Friday Night Horror Movie. This week it’s The Frighteners, which is always a treat. We agree that one of our most favourite things about the film is the way it transitions from a comedy to something really quite dark by the end. A lot of films can’t pull that off, but somehow Peter Jackson does it.