It’s a #childfree Saturday!

I finally manage a decent lie in (8:30am), and head straight to the supermarket for 9:30am. My plan is to get the week’s shopping out of the way nice and early, then relax all day and catch up on TV. I get the shopping done, but then decide it’s the perfect day to get a proper framing job done for a couple of gorgeous art prints I bought some years ago. They’ve been languishing, lop-sided, in some cheap IKEA frames for far too long and they should really be up on the wall.

I drop the shopping off and head to the shopping centre, which contains an art shop, so I can get some backing card. The good news is that the art shop happens to have 50% off everything on this particular weekend. The less good news is that it’s getting towards 11am and I’m starting to realise I haven’t had any breakfast or, worse, any coffee yet. I stop for coffee, but decide I’m still not that hungry after my mega-portion of dinner the night before. I attempt to find some poster-size frames for my movie posters, but with no joy. I then head into JB Hifi and convince myself to buy a 2 CD set of Propaganda’s A Secret Wish album, and also grab a five-disc set of Patti Smith albums: a steal at just $20.

I have a rule with shopping centres: on a Saturday I will only visit them if I can get there before 11am. After then there’s nowhere to park and those places become literal hell. What I learn today is that getting out of a shopping centre at lunch time on a Saturday is possibly far, far worse. Every exit is now just an extension of the parking lot. I happen know every exit and every turn I take, every alternate route I try, ends with me facing the backend of yet another car. Finally, on my fifth attempt, I make it out. Freeeeee!

I get home and make some decent coffee along with some scrambled eggs. I start to feel human again. I then line up my Patti Smith CDs and get to work on the reframing. It take a good long time. There’s a lot of measuring, lining up, taping, trimming. But after the first one is done I’m so pleased with the result that I plough straight into the second. The results are great. The only downside is that I realise I have no suitable fittings for hanging them on the wall. Yet.

I’ve missed my shot at spending the afternoon watching TV, and the evening is creeping in. I have big plans for the evening: steak dinner and then my first viewing of Inglourious Basterds. But it’s getting late. I shower, cook my steak (and eat it), tinker with the LED lights I bought for the new coffee station (they’re too bright, so I cut discs out of some coloured plastic document wallets to place over them). Then it’s movie time.

It takes me a while, but I eventually decide I’m loving Inglourious Basterds just a bit–it either happens at the first cinema scene, or when Michael Fassbender appears, I can’t remember which. It’s a film, like most of Tarantino’s, that is in love with the art of film. I can’t wait to catch up on Hateful Eight and Django Unchained, both of which I’ve managed to miss to date.