I manage to turf myself out of bed just before 7am and write some more diary entries. I end up getting stuck right in and am late getting the kids ready for school. The day seems in jeopardy when the Kinderbeast wakes with a cough, but he claims to feel fine and, despite the disrupted morning, we still get to school on time.

I’ve been rediscovering Snow Patrol’s Final Straw album, which I used to play constantly when it came out. I’d all but forgotten about it until I unpacked my CDs, and am now enjoying playing it constantly all over again. It accompanies me on my drive to work. On which note, I’m finding that I’m really getting back into the work mode again at last: it’s been a bit of a haul, but it’s another one of those days where I feel like I can get in there and beat the job, and not the other way around.

In lesser news, my single serve of soup proves to be a predictably inadequate lunch.

I come home to a peaceful house: the Elderbeast is at a friend’s house; the Kinderbeast is out with his mother and Beryl, seeing his grandparents. The Elderbeast returns home in time for dinner, but we grow tired of waiting for the others and start eating (yes: soup, again!) Of course, just as we sit down they all arrive.

Beryl has clearly enjoyed a wine during her family outing, as she asks if she can open a bottle and then insists–absolutely demands–that I also have a glass. I just can’t bring myself to disappoint her and say no.

I spend some time finalising the documents I need to file with the court: superannuation statements; numerous bits of paper that I double check have been signed and witnessed; copies of signed bits of paper. It’s endless. Once that’s taken care of I have a fairly awesome, chilled out time with my glass of wine listening to The The (I am currently obsessed with Uncertain Smile) and searching up playlist of other songs that feature awesome piano solos. It’s a good evening.