It’s a fun-packed Saturday! Or at least it promises to be. We have some friends coming over before 10am, so we’re up and out early for the Weekend Family Shop, then back just in time for our guests. The Kinderbeast has a Kindererbeast to play with for a couple of hours, and they obsess over dump trucks and other toys while us grown-ups chat about adult affairs such as movie posters and how bad we both are at playing guitar lately. I also make use of the visit to pass on some of the Kinderbeast’s old clothes: he has grown out of many awesome clothes, but the Kindererbeast is just youngerer enough to fit into many of them. It’s win-win.

After our guests leave we settle down for Saturday Morning(ish) Film Club. This weekend we make the excellent decision to watch The Incredibles. I make the less excellent decision to sit down, which does nothing to ease my burgeoning headache, and does everything to make me not want to get up again for the rest of the weekend.

Which is unfortunate because I have baking to get done. When my wife and I were still an actual living-together married couple (instead of a not living-together couple who still have to remain married for another 10 months because family law is ass-backwards) we hosted an annual Piejama Party. This is a party where you eat pies and wear pajamas. Much as the title suggests. This event would traditionally happen around this time of year. Officially, Piejama Party died with the marriage. However, myself and my friends do like to eat pie … so …

I have elected to make cornish pasties, which naturally I have never made before. I’m actually making vegetarian cornish pasties (they were almost gluten-free too but I have it on good authority that gluten-free pastry tastes like week-old elephant pants … that’s possibly not the exact description that was provided…). I make the filling, cut the frozen pastry squares into triangles, and start assembling. I think I’m about to make some nice little bite-sized pasties, but it appears I need some remedial geometry as I need up with three trays full of huge meal-sized pasties. I get the first tray in the oven as my guests arrived (serenaded by James Bond themes, because that’s the sort of thing that happens when you watch The Incredibles).

The pasties are a great success, and the best part is all the other pies we get to eat as well. When we’re not filling our faces, we enjoy some games of Exploding Kittens and Pandemic Cthulhu (which I particularly like).

It’s a good evening, and further proof of the adage that you really can’t go wrong when there’s pie and board games in the mix.