Happy Birthday, Bill Pullman!

I get up later than planned, but just about manage to start my morning shift by 7am. I’m really getting stuck into my current story, and am not a little frustrated by the need to stop and get ready for work. Rachel arrives at 8am to watch the kids, which gives me a rare opportunity to get to work early.

I get to the office and immediately start writing up a review of the incident from yesterday. The review ends up taking up most of my day. I walk up late to get my morning coffee–on my own because my usual coffee partner is off work with a work-related injury incurred the previous day. It is FREEZING outside, but at least the coffee is good. My favourite coffee place was shut last week and I’m delighted to have it back today.

I get home and find the Elderbeast ready to head to his friend’s house for a sleepover. He misses out on shepherd’s pie made with the leftover slow-cooked lamb from Sunday, and the leftover pastie filling from Saturday: it’s exactly as tasty as you’re thinking it is. I need wine, so I drink wine. And then I drink tea in an eternally futile bid to stay warm.

In bed, I read several more chapters of Ocean At The End Of The Lane and decide I’m definitely enjoying it. I attempt to sleep, but am thwarted by the cold despite being clad in two long-sleeved tops, a flannelette sheet, a winter duvet and a sherpa throw.