It’s Wednesday. I manage the rare feat of getting out of bed at 6:30am. It probably helps a lot that I’m really excited about the story I’m working on, and I really want to get some proper writing time in.

With the kids not at school I’m able to head to work relatively early. I drive there in the rain, and the weather only gets worse once I get to the office–standing defiantly between me and my coffee. I get some work done and finally get impatient just after 10am. I grab my umbrella from the car and make the ludicrously chilly walk down to Bang Bang. I then spend much of the day trying to plough through my oversized and overdue to-do list and make pretty good progress, despite some meetings getting in the way. After some consideration, I decide to make a complaint about the person who complained about my team on Monday. It’s not a thing I do at all often, or lightly, but my team works hard and they deserve my support when people start to point fingers at them.

When I eventually stop for lunch I realise that I’ve made no plans for dinner. I call Beryl and ask her to get some bolognese sauce out of the freezer (which, in the end, turns out to be beef stew). By the time I get home it still hasn’t defrosted, so I have to tease and nurture it with the microwave before it’s ready to cook. As we eat, the kinderbesten negotiate who gets to sleep in my bed: the Elderbeast claims his spot tonight (which I allow, because he’s managed two consecutive nights of not getting into my bed); the Kinderbeast claims tomorrow night, which I also allow because why not.