Friday. The week continues to be a struggle, and my morning shift is no exception: I only manage 248 words. I get to work, and find there are only two of us in. I decide this calls for consolation cake and I nip out to the shops. Naturally my director calls while I’m out buying cake. I call him back and we decide to defer a big upgrade we’ve been planning for next week, it’s at once frustrating, because we’ve been planning it for a while, and something of a relief, because more time is always a bonus.

I decide to my week’s shopping on the way home, mainly because I have to take the Kinderbeast to a birthday party in the morning. It is, of course, the Night of the Sleepver. The Elderbeast and his best friend have united to drag me into the torturous depths of hell for this one night. I hit the wine, very understandably, almost as soon as I walk through the door. I make burgers for the multitudinous kinderbesten and wonder if this is how the typical 46 year-old single father of two spends his Fridays.

I have instructed the kinderbesten that they are banished to their room after dinner, to enable Seb and I to enjoy Fridate without the cacophonous overtones of insanity. Fortunately, they both have Nintendo Switches, so this presents less of a challenge than expected.

I continue to drink too much wine, knowing I will regret it in the morning. For our Friday Night Horror this week, Seb has chosen 30 Days Of Night. I’ve only seen it once and am very much looking forward to a repeat viewing. It’s a good one, even better than I remembered. My only complaint is that there’s little sense that the story takes place over 30 days, and if it wasn’t for the title I’d assume it took place over little more than 24 hours.

I dunno, 24 Hours of Night stills sounds pretty cool …