Saturday. I wake up with a headache. I suspect I must have drunk too much wine last night …

I get up as late as I can get away with it. I’d stay in bed longer, except I have the kids and a birthday party to get to. I medicate myself with two coffees, two nurofen, a bacon sandwich and two panadol (for luck) before heading out. The Elderbeast decides to join his friend for a family day-trip, leaving myself and the Kinderbeast to our 11am birthday party.

It takes place at a local leisure centre, which feels like it must be a leisure centre in the Twilight Zone. Sandwiched between the indoor play area –where the first half of the party is taking place–and the room where the party tables are set up, is a conference room. Inside I spy a bizarre Saturday morning motivational business meeting taking place. It is packed. Every so often attendees emerge in search of the toilets. They all looked like they’ve ransacked the nearest op shop for whatever business wear they can find, no matter whether it all goes together. I never realised shirts, ties and jackets came in so many colours. Further down the hallway is an indoor gym, populated entirely by geriatrics all exercising very, very slowly. At the other end of the corridor, in a closed down canteen area, I encounter a another birthday party. The attendees have positioned a stroller across the entrance to deter potential gatecrashers. The ultimate in security measures, clearly.

The party proves remarkably unstressful and my headache slowly fades. Afterwards I feel well enough to drive down to the local JB Hifi in search of some CDs. I don’t find the CDs I’m looking for, but still walk out with $80 of swag, including a Neomorph Pop Vinyl (from Alien Covenant) that was definitely too disgusting to be left on the shelf.

We get back and watch Jurassic Park III. I make a big vat of lentil dahl for dinner, and for lunches, and probably for several other dinners as well. The Elderbeast eventually returns home just in time for dinner.

For Awesome Movie Night we choose The Martian, which I’ve only seen once. When taken on its own merits it’s very, very good. However, there’s no denying that it loses much of the humour and spirit that made the book such a delight to read. Either way, I enjoy it.