The Elderbeast decides he is still sick and stays off school. I’m erring towards him having a day of rest, rather than being sick for the weekend anyway. It means he misses a forensics related incursion at school, which he was looking forward to, so I figure it’s probably a genuine claim of illness.

I leave work early to collect the Kinderbesten from school, as Rachel has a migraine. I take the opportunity to take Beryl home earlier, which gives me more of my evening. Rachel collects the kinderbesten just before 6. I get stuck into the usual hoovering while playing loud music in the front room. I then decide to shave my (albeit very short) beard off. I’ve had it long enough that I’ve forgotten what I look like without it and am curious enough to temporarily abandon the facial hair. I quickly surmise that I prefer myself with it, not least because my face now feels very, very cold.

I’ve designated #childfree Friday as Pot Luck Dinner Night, which means I will challenge myself to make dinner with whatever is in the cupboard, fridge or freezer. Today I fry up the leftover risotto with some bacon and peas. It is truly delicious. A highly recommended option should you ever have leftover risotto.

I have a choice of movies for Seb and I to watch for Fridate Horror, and we eventually pick Session 9. It’s creepy as hell, but ends up perhaps a little more brooding and psychological than I was expecting.