Monday. I wake up knowing for certain that I made the right decision asking Rachel to keep the kids. I feel terrible, and the alarm’s snooze button gets hit multiple times before I finally drag myself out from under the covers. I message the office to tell them I’ll be working from home (there’s a handful of things I can still get done). With the house to myself I plough through my to do list. By 9am, the time I usually get to the office on a normal day, I’ve gotten heaps done already.

I work for the morning before breaking for lunch. After that I reward myself with a belated morning shift. I’ve had an idea for a piece of flash fiction since watching Alien Covenant, and I manage to bash it out in one sitting. Which is very satisfying.

After the kinderbesten come home, we have an early dinner, which leaves us time for a few board games before bedtime. We play Machi Koro, which the Elderbeast wins. We then play Exploding Kittens. Which the Elderbeast also wins. I conclude by formally banning him from all future board games.

With the kinderbesten despatched to bed, it’s Game Of Thrones time which, as the entire internet will have told you by now, delivers some stupendous dragon action. It’s a suitably climactic ending to a suitably unclimactic extended weekend.