Tuesday. I wake up unsure if I’m too sick to go to work, or not sick enough to stay at home. In the end I opt for a compromise: half a day at work followed by an afternoon’s rest. I battle the rain while dropping the kinderbesten at school, then manage a pretty fruitful morning’s work before finally leaving before it stops being worth leaving for the afternoon. I do more work at home, but it’s peaceful and oddly not-cold.

I cook up an enormous chicken satay for dinner, which promptly gets added to the list of things that the kinderbesten demonstrate little interest in eating (worth noting that they routinely eat their vegetables, which is why I don’t complain too hard about this sort of thing).

The Elderbeast manages to lose both his weekday gaming privileges and his TV watching privileges on account of being an arse who refuses to turn off the PS4 when his dinner is on the table He sulks a little but ultimately seems to accept that he’s screwed up, and that it’s down to him to earn those privileges back, which is nice sign of his developing maturity.

I spend some time catching up on diary posts, including this one, and then get myself to bed for another early night. Early nights are definitely a habit I could get on board with.