Sunday. As predicted I wake up with a headache. I turn off my alarm (Sunday is, after all, meant to be a morning shift day), I feed the cats, make sure the kinderbesten are settled with iPads and Playstations; then I take some Nurofen and go back to bed. The headache eventually fades, I fall back to sleep, and wake up again at 10am with another headache. I get up and feed the kinderbesten, and myself, and take some more Panadol. Having learned my lesson this time, I stay out of bed

I sit and watch the Elderbeast play Just Cause 3 for a bit. The headache persists. I drink some water, have some coffee, take some more Nurofen, and get the heater on  ready for a shower (and then I actually have the shower). After all of that that I start to feel human again. I take advantage of what might be a temporary release to get a few things done that I might not be up to later: primarily laundry and getting the world’s most enormous chicken into the crock pot.

I spent a lot of the day watching twitter react to the events in Charlottesville. This is the the first time in months that I’ve spent more than a few minutes on twitter. I suspected for a while that I might never go back with any seriousness, but maybe old habits die hard.

We watch Doctor Strange before dinner, which only just holds the Kinderbeast’s attention. Later on, the Elderbeast and I watch a fun timey-wimey thriller on Netflix called Paradox. It’s a bit low-rent in parts, but it’s pleasantly mind-bending and the Kinderbeast really enjoys it, bemoaning: “This makes my head huuuuurt,” at one point.