It’s Sunday. I get up and do some writing. Then I shift to the kitchen as I want to get some banana bread baking for today’s game. I return to my writing desk while it bakes. Then it’s time to head off for Pathfinder, which I’m particularly excited about  this month as I have decided to–and been allowed to–make my new character a duck. A duck assassin, no less. The Duck Of Death, as he is informally known. And he is indeed a duck of death, and slaughters many zombies for the team during the course of the day’s play.

I head home, ready for the return of the kinderbesten. We eat a marginally disappointing slow-cooked vegetable curry. Then the Elderbeast and I check out the first two episodes of The Defenders. It’s slow to start, but by the end of episode two I’m interested enough to keep going … but that will have to wait until next Sunday.