Tuesday. Another bad night’s sleep. Seems to be a Tuesday thing. Luckily I’ve got the day off. I drop the kids off, then head into the city, with Rachel in tow, so we can sign the last of the settlement papers. We grab some coffee and breakfast, then sign the papers, which takes about as long as you’d expect it to take (unless, of course, you’re signing mortgage application papers, which apparently takes an hour).

We then head back to collect the Elderbeast–who has a presentation to deliver as part of one of his academic extension classes; hence the afternoon off. Inevitably I’ve planned my day on the assumption that I will be dreadfully late for everything, which of course means we’re way early so we kill the time with a quick bit of shopping and coffee. With yet another hour to kill, Rachel heads home for a bit while I pick up the Elderbeast and take him to his class. Given that it’s 1pm, and the presentation doesn’t happen until 2pm, I wonder what I’m going to do with myself. I needn’t have worried: I quickly get drafted into helping the Elderbeast and his partner finish building their cardboard ‘eco-friendly’ house ready for presenting.

After this, I head back to collect the Kinderbeast from school, all the while wondering what to have for dinner given that I have once again failed to take anything out of the freezer last night. I opt for some homemade Boston beans which, as it happens, turn out awesomely.

I then commission the kinderbesten to make some birthday pictures for the grandparents back home; a task which they happily throw themselves into. The Elderbeast then puts some further time into his PEAC homework, in return for some PS4 time (the trading scheme is, so far, working excellently). I occupy myself picking out goodies for a birthday hamper to send over to said grandparents.

I take some photos of the kinderbesten, both proudly holding up their birthday art, for inserting into some Moonpig cards, but apparently the technical challenge of getting the photos from my phone onto the internet is too much for me tonight. I am forced to defer until tomorrow. At least the hamper has been ordered successfully. There will be birthday.