As this is a Saturday, and one of my #childfree weekends, it’s hardly surprising that the topic of solitude is on my mind. I’m in the, perhaps, enviable position where I can truly appreciate the relatively rare times I get to myself. I spend my working day surrounded by people and most of my spare time surrounded by my family.

Then, every second weekend, the Kinderbesten stay with their mother and I get the house to myself. After more than a decade of marriage and family, being entirely on my own is enough of a fresh experience that the novelty has yet to wear off. I do find myself missing the kinderbesten, though, and every so often I get a hint of what a [home] life spent entirely alone might be like, and I’m not sure I’d like it.

I enjoy my own space, I’m comfortable in it, but I’m also grateful to spend much of my life surrounded by people I love.