I dreamed about London last night. When I lived in (read: near) London I would often head into the city on my days off and spend some quality time browsing in HMV and the Virgin Megastore, tempting myself with CDs, DVDs and anything else I could potentially waste my money on.

And that’s exactly what I dreamed about last night. I even woke up thinking: “great, I can head into town on my day off and grab those CDs I’ve been after.”

About 20 seconds later I remembered that I don’t live in London any more, and all we have here is JB Hifi, and even that’s not as good as it used to be. And then I realised that HMV went bust, and the Virgin Megastore long ago wrapped up its London business. And then I realised that I was subconsciously reminiscing about stuff I was doing almost thirty years ago, which made me realise that I’m really, really old now.

And then I thought: “fuck this shit,” and went to make myself some coffee …