Today was Actual Halloween, a.k.a probably my favourite ‘holiday’ of the year. I didn’t do much this year, barring a little bit of costume help for the Kinderbesten and filling a bowl with candy for trick or treaters, but I was still able to enjoy it all from a distance.

As I drove home, past the Kinderbestern’s school, I saw at least half a dozen families out trick or treating – it was great! Sure, it wasn’t quite like the trick or treating you see in eighties movies (or in Stranger Things 2), but it still made me very happy to see so many people out, dressed up and having a fun time.

The Kinderbeast (who had dressed up as a skeleton for school on Friday) is still a little young to go trick or treating, but the Elderbeast was keen. The only thing standing in his way was that he couldn’t decide on a costume. Finally, almost at the last minute, he decided to dress up as the most fearsome creature he could think of: a school teacher! With a shirt, tie, and spectacles on, he set out with his friend (who was awesomely dressed as Jack The Ripper). About an hour later they returned, with an impressive haul of candy (including some Lindor, which I quickly stole).

One of my favourite memories of the evening was answering the door to a group of kids and seeing their (presumably) Dad at the end of the driveway, in full Zombie Ghostface costume, waving amiably in a ‘hello neighbour’ moment.

Next year … maybe … it’ll might be the right time for some family trick or treating ….