Tonight, in a slightly belated Friday Horror choice, we watched Trick’r’Treat—the excellent Halloween anthology film that not nearly enough people talk about. I’d only seen it once before, and that was right after I bought it (it was, in fact, one of the earliest blurays I bought; purchased entirely on the recommendation of a few trusted friends).

I thought I’d remembered it pretty well, but it turns out I’d remembered the broad strokes of the movie, but almost none of the details. I remembered images, but not where those images fitted into the story. I remembered the non-linear timeline it plays with, but not how delightfully baffling it ends up being. I remembered some characters, totally forgot others (I’d completely forgotten Anna Paquin was in it, for instance). Either way, it was fun to revisit Trick’r’Treat.

Afterwards I looked up action figures of Sam (the pumpkin-headed creature who is, ultimately, just one of the monsters that we are presented with). I thought some figures had been made at one point, but of course they’re not being made any more and, inevitably, prices have shot up into the hundreds of dollars. No way am I paying that sort of money for a sculpted hunk of plastic, but some people would.

Price jumps like this always fascinate me, and make me wonder what the formula for ‘value’ might be. Perhaps something like (time * desire / availability) …?