Today I sort of accidentally did a bunch of Christmas shopping. Every year I am traditionally terrible at Christmas shopping, usually leaving it to the last minute and never having the faintest clue what to get anyone.

That’s still mostly true, but I’ve done Christmas shopping for the Kinderbesten now. The Big Main presents for the Kinderbeast happened a little while a go thanks to me carpeing the diem out of some online sales. The Elderbeast’s Big Main present was also sorted thanks to him agreeing to put some of his birthday and Christmas cash towards a new laptop (and me then ordering said laptop).

That still left ‘stocking fillers’, for which I approached the local mall with a partial list in mind–for each beast: a cuddly toy; a book; a movie; and something ‘crafty’. Of course, it wasn’t that easy. Saturday morning shopping quickly proved to be 10% inspiration, and 90% “why am I not doing this online???”

So I grabbed some cuddly toys, some LEGO, and a few other moment-of-inspiration knick-knacks, and fled home, where I ordered some books and movies online to finish off the package.

True, I still need to buy literally everyone else’s presents, but the kinderbesten are all sorted – and it’s not even December!