Today I’m starting to get a real sense of the end of the year looming.

Yesterday, the Elderbeast had his final PEAC session of the year, and today brought his final Mindfulness class. Next week the Kinderbesten both have their various Christmas assemblies and sing-song type affairs. Meanwhile, I have my ‘Christmas’ party at work on Friday.

Obviously, it’s not even December, and yet things are starting to wrap up. The campus has entered its seasonal Deathly Hush phase: exams are all done and the students disapparate. We’re talking about next year’s [work] projects as if this year’s projects are no longer a thing. There’s that conflicted sense of starting to wind down, while also trying to wrap up as much as you can in the remaining weeks of the year.

I’m beginning to stress, albeit very mildly, about how to keep the Kinderbesten occupied over the Christmas break. My mind is starting to occupy itself more and more with thoughts of how to manage the logistics of Christmas and New Year.

On the positive side, the beasts are dead excited about opening the first window on their LEGO advent calendar on Friday. I’m even more dead excited about being able to start on the mince pies (I have a personal rule that I never eat mince pies before December 1). I’m also looking forward to the break from work, and the chance that it offers to rest and reset–and do all the seasonal fun stuff too.

So, Christmas: bring it!