Today I went to help out in the Kinderbeast’s class for the morning. He’d impressed his teacher a while back with photos of some geometric shapes he’d built out of his Cranium Super Fort building set, so we decided it would be fun to take it in one day, so his whole class could have a go.

Today was that day.

It also happened to be the day that one of the Kindy classes got to spend a morning as a pre-primary class, meaning that the Kinderbeast’s class ended up relocating to one of the kindy classes–which also happened to be same class (and teacher) that the Kinderbeast had last year. Confused yet?

The children did a drawing exercise to start off with, then split off into groups for different activities: one of which was building with the Super Fort. I ended up with a group of about six five-year-olds, most of whom got really into building with the toy, and wanted to build everything, and each of them wanted to build as many parts as possible. We managed to make a house, a castle and a boat before it was time to pack away, and even then the kids wanted to do as much of the packing away as they could. And managed to repeatedly thwack me in the face with the foam poles as they did so. Which was just …. fine.

After that I ran away back home.