There is something wrong with this week. It’s still only Tuesday. It feels like it should at least be Thursday. This week must be broken …

Speaking of broken things, I endured a triptych of tech fail this evening.

Exhibit A: I get an email advertising 50% off all kids books on a particular website. I think that’s pretty handy, since I have kids and they like books. I click on the link, go to the site, only to get: “Something is wrong. Please try again later”. I did try again later. Many times. And something was still wrong.

Next, I wanted to send my sister -in-law something drinkable for Christmas. I went to a site that sold drinkable things, found something that looked good, then went to pay: “Something went wrong.” I tried again since, yes, a major retail website not being able to accept credit card payments in the lead-up to Christmas did indeed seem wrong. Every time I tried to pay I got: “Something went wrong.” Eventually I decided they didn’t want my money and decided I’d try somewhere else (another day).

Finally, time to buy some drinkables for the rest of the family. This time I could do click and collect, which, fortunately, meant using a different site. Less fortunately, the Kinderbesten decided to be extra unsettled tonight and kept getting out of bed. This, combined with my general indecision over which drinkables to buy, meant that the whole process took about 45 minutes. Finally, however, I filled up my basket and went to pay. This time without any errors. Probably. After hitting the pay button I got presented with a loading screen for about two minutes. Then, I was abruptly returned to the site and presented with the spectre of my basket magically emptying itself. I checked my emails: no confirmation that the order had gone through. I nearly went to place the order again, then decided to check my bank account first. This, finally, revealed that the order had gone through. About an hour later I finally got an email confirmation.

Such fun.

And, after all of that, I didn’t have enough time left over to watch the final episode of Godless.

Christmas is great, right?