Our extended Christmas celebrations at work continued today with a ‘bring a plate’ lunch. We’ve already had the University Christmas party (way back on December 1) and a team lunch outing, but there’s always time for one more seasonal eating event. Today, as both the title and the first sentence implied, everyone brought plate of food for lunch. We had meats, and fruits, and pies, followed by trifles, and cakes and more pies–more food, in short, than the eight or so of us could reasonably expect to eat.

In amidst the frantic present buying, the constant threat of bankruptcy, and the dwindling hours left in the year for getting everything done, there are times when we get to take our foot off the pedal and just kick back for a while. When this happens at work it’s especially rewarding.

I’m lucky, as I often say, that I have a good job (that I enjoy) and get to work with people whose company I like. This was a chance to reflect on some of those things and, most importantly, stuff my face for an hour or so.